You thought Global Warming was the problem?

Dear #clmooc,

So glad you've connected. And collaborated. And created and made some cool stuff. That might seem trivial -- making stuff. But actually, the art of making and remaking, and remixing, is a component to some critical thinking.

What happens when you forget to play? You go the way of us dinosaurs. We forgot all about innovation, and now look at us? Instead of making stuff -- like, oh, I don't know, a meteor shield defender? -- we were focused on the day-to-day stuff, like "Common Core Approved" snacks. See where it got us?

Be Creative! Make Something Every Day (to quote DinoTerry)

All the best,
Dino Rockers of Dogtraxlandia

Cool stuff we can teach you:

  • How to use discarded teeth to make guitar picks
  • The Dino-Dance Flash Mob Party
  • Chewing Rhythmically