How to Rock a MOOC (and Keep It Fun)

Necessary Facilitator Personalities

  1. Professor Introspective
  2. The Entertainer
  3. The Questioner
  4. Captain Pedagogical
  5. Dr. Serious
  6. The Rebel Remixer

Manufacturing an online educational zeitgeist course that is both massive and meaningful takes more than just server space and a powerpoint presentation. It takes instructors who can engage the crowd in thoughtful discussions and periodic pranks. You've got to Rock the MOOC. This helpful guide will give you the archetypes for building your own MOOC. Please don't share this resource with the robot overlords intent on taking over our educational system. Do you recognize your facilitators on this list? If not, you're probably in the wrong MOOC. Take the door on the left and head down the hallway.

Come remix your own! Hit the remix button at the top and make your own recipe for a MOOC. Shake vigorously! And share.