There once was a time when poets ruled the world .... …

#CLMOOC Remix The Rise of Ninja Poets


It is a time of media. Of remixing to make a point. Of mashups and memes.

For years a network of Ninja Poets have gathered to help build a different kind of Web, to make the world a more sticky place.

In a galaxy where everything is clickable, this band of Ninja Poets has decided to return to Words. To find power in verse.

When everything is a remix, how do Ninja Poets survive?

They emerse themselves in verse

Avoid taking a turn for the worse

Finding rhymes

Inside the lines every time

They write a remix

So when the viral goes spiral

They turn the world on its ear:

Change is a' coming

You can feel it in the air.

Write a poem. Join the Ninja Poets in the folds of CLMOOC

The poems are strong in all of us. Will you be the One? Whose Epic will you write?

Thanks to @craigbuckler – for writing the code and to Greg aka @jgmac1106 for sharing it to CLMOOC so that we can remix it even further.

The funky soundtrack is the result of a collaborative online jam session from Rhizomatic Learning. Rock on with your bad selves!