A Drink from the Mouth of the Well

drink from the well.

I drink ...

I drink from the mouth of the well ..
inhaling the fragrance of the forgotten
and often, I wonder,
with lips wet with the dust of history,
whether scribes from the future are already writing poems
about us in the present,
gazing as we are into the past.

lost in time.

So Much Gets Lost ...

So much gets lost in the translation of words
scratched upon walls with blood,
scribbled onto paper with ink,
punched into bits and bytes of data on disks.

So little time.

So Little Time ...

So little time, too, although the clock only slows
when the visitor gazes backwards, for in the moment,
the hands never stop,
not for anything, not for anything at all,
only the slow arc towards the days after tomorrow.

Write the Story.

I Take a Sip ...

I take a sip of water from the well
and begin to write.

Created by Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax). Inspired by the Wonders of the World poetry collaboration with Mary Lee Hahn, at A Year of Reading. This poem was written on the topic of Chichen Itza, the great Mayan city, also known as "the mouth of the well."